About The Admiral’s Quizzes

The Admiral’s Quizzes are sets of fun and interesting quizzes made for you to deliver to your audience as a Powerpoint presentation.

Each quiz contains four separate rounds, plus a tie-breaker and a menu page to enable easily moving from one section to another.

4 rounds (20 points each), including:

  • Menu: For launching each round of questions and answers.
  • Round One: Mixed Bag with text and picture elements.
  • Round Two: Memory Test is a short amusing video clip which displays twice. Then there are ten questions with two points each that test the viewers on their powers of observation.
  • Round Three: Special Subject: Ten questions + Freak and Geeks: Ten slightly geeky questions, including some pictures.
  • Round Four: Music Round which features ten audio clips. Answers are usually “title” and “artist”.
  • Tie Breaker: With visual countdown.

Each full quiz should take approximately 2 hours to run. Allowing for some MCing and short breaks between rounds to add up scores etc.

Here’s a video of the first round of The Admiral’s Quiz from Dec 07 2016.

Transitions are shortened for display purposes (and there is no audio).

If you have Powerpoint installed, the quizzes can be run using that.

If you do not have Powerpoint, there is a free Powerpoint viewer available here: MICROSOFT POWERPOINT VIEWER

Also the PDF scoring sheets for teams and quizmaster can be download from the store (free).

To purchase a quiz (including the free quizzes), simply go to the SHOP section and add the required product to your cart.

You can also Register or Sign-in to restore previous purchases by using the ACCOUNT area.

Quizzes are purchased using Paypal and then downloaded as a Zip file package which contains all 4 quiz rounds, menu and tie-breaker, in .pptx (Powerpoint) format.